Providing industry-leading support to Financial Advisers since 2007

Since 2007 Paradigm has been a leading choice amongst the UK’s financial advisers for support in their businesses.

In a highly regulated, fast changing industry, Paradigm is helping to set new standards in service, strategic and technical solutions, ensuring its adviser partners have access to the best propositions from across the financial market.

These include everything from legal and regulatory compliance to research and risk profiling, investment and platform solutions, tax planning, company and personal pensions, mortgages and much more besides.

Paradigm’s services are bespoke, independent and developed in the client’s best interests, highlighting opportunities that deliver the highest value and more effective wealth creation. In fact, our business is one of only a few that is 100% independently owned, meaning utter transparency and unbiased services for our partner firms.

We aim to deliver a service and proposition that will create real value in your business. Our success can be seen by the fact that today over 350 firms and 1,200 advisers  benefit from the support we provide.

Our interests are uniquely aligned with yours – if you are successful, you are happy and if you are happy, then we have been successful.