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There are many benefits of using Paradigm, including the extensive support we offer firms from helping place difficult mortgage cases to preparing for MCD last year.  As a Paradigm Partner firm, you are automatically a member of the mortgage club too; there are no monthly fees involved. Our procuration fees are very competitive and in the vast majority of instances we match or beat our main competitors. However, the main benefit to our mortgage club really is the unique Annual Rebate scheme we run. For every case placed via Paradigm that we receive a retained fee for, we will pay half back to you so you will earn more per case. Why not try our Annual Rebate calculator to find out how much you could earn? We also have a FAQs page that may be of interest.

This rebate scheme does not apply only to mortgages, you can also earn money from the retained fee from other services that we offer including Equity release cases, conveyancingdebt advicewills and general insurance when placed via Paradigm. For many of these we offer a referral service if you do not wish to write the business yourself.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to start taking advantage of this proposition, please call 0121 781 7337 today.

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At the beginning of 2014 we launched our new Protection and General Insurance (GI) proposition – Paradigm Protect. Whether you are experienced in the Protection Market, or are looking to develop your client offering, the new Paradigm Proposition has been designed to support you in growing your protection sales. As well as providing a host of marketing material such as sales aids, and technology support (quotations as well as compliance), Paradigm Protect also pays market leading terms across the full range of Protection and GI Providers. Over 380 firms are now taking advantage of Paradigm Protect, and with planned additions to the proposition in 2017, as well as the recently negotiated higher commission terms, we anticipate even more considerable growth this year. During 2016, Paradigm Protect saw:

  • Uplifts in our commission terms
  • Additions to our Elite Panel
  • Improvements to our General Insurance Panel
  • Launch of our Group Risk proposition
  • Addition of new terms such as 2 year terms with Aviva
  • PMI Referral service
  • More specialist protection events than ever

The key benefit to you from using Paradigm Protect is access to market leading net terms. You can view the terms for our Elite and Whole of Market panels here. Moving to Paradigm Protect will not affect how your commission is paid – it will still be paid to you directly and any retained fee will be paid directly to Paradigm. Premiums have not been loaded, so you can be confident that making the move to Paradigm Protect will not disadvantage your clients.

Put simply, you will start to benefit from market leading terms by switching to Paradigm Protect. Even if you have previously had agencies linked to Paradigm, if you have not switched across since January 2014, there is a strong possibility that you will not be getting the best possible terms from every Provider. Please do not assume that you are already benefiting across the board. To get started and to start taking advantage of these market leading terms as soon as possible, please email and ask to be aligned to Paradigm’s rates. Then we will do the rest for you!

As part of our commitment to supporting you in growing your protection sales, we run regular specialist Protection events throughout the UK that you will have access to. Registration for some of these events is now open and you can find more details by clicking here.

Paradigm Protect is your one-stop protection supermarket – start taking advantage today!